5 Best Websites to Sell Photos Online

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Photo is one of the most used visual assets in the digital world. Almost 50% of the content of Facebook are images, and Instagram is made to share images.

Can you imagine the world without images, I think it would be really boring and complicated. We would need to spend a lot of lots of time to explain something. Okay, now let’s back into the real world.

Everywhere are using images, every business needs images, every creator needs images, every writer needs images, which means everyone needs images to illustrate something.

But not everyone is a photographer, many people don’t know how to capture photos, many can’t afford this – because it is costly and it is also not possible.

So here’s play the biggest role by Photographer. But in the traditional market, there is a big gap between photographers and real users of photos. So this gap is filled by the stock photo industry.

What are the stock photos?

I know what are the stock photos, but I saw many people don’t know what does it mean. If you are also one of them, then you don’t need to worry, You can watch this video to understand in details.

According to Webopedia, Stock photos (stock photography) are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, nature, events, or people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.

Who buys stock photos?

Many people want to know who buys stock photos, Right? But you know, the answer is really simple. Whoever needs photos they can buy stock photos, that may be any organization or individual person.

I personally use a lot of stock photos, As well as many creators need stock photos, many businesses need stock photos, and many entrepreneurs need stock photos, There are no any fixed people – its depend on the situation.

So I think it’s a growing industry and never-ending industry Because photography needs creativity, which can’t be done by any robot or AI, And its demand is always increasing.

How much you can earn by selling photos online?

Money is also another X factor, which motivates us and helps us to do work. So many people want to know how much we can earn by selling photos online, Right.

My simple and short answer is infinite, I mean there is no limit, Your earning depends upon your dedication and hard work.

If you shoot beautiful and creative photos and upload that on stock photos website, then buyers will come and search, if they like your photos they will purchase your photo, then immediately you will receive your commission, The commission rate varies according to website to website.

In general, if your photos are buys by more people then you will earn more money, but if your photos are not purchasing by any people, then obviously you will earn less money. That means you are controlling your income.

How to sell photos online?

Selling photos online is not as hard as you are thinking. You just need to sign up as a contributor to the stock image website.

Then you need to submit your images for review, if your images are meet the requirement they will publish your images on the stock image marketplace.

I don’t need to say what will happen after that, Right? But many peoples are confused where to start and which stock image website is best for himself/herself.

So for your easiness, I have chosen the 5 stock image website. I have listed these websites by looking at some factors like popularity, commission rate, and the working process, which means First is Best.


Shutterstock is one of the leading stock image marketplaces, more than 340 million images are available on Shutterstock. Now you can take an idea of how big is this.


It is a really big website, which means competition is also high. As they said, over the last 15 years they paid out billions of dollars to contributors like you.

Contributor means Seller on Shutterstock, who sells photos on site. You also want to sell, Right? you need to register yourself as a contributor. Follow these simple steps to start selling photos on Shutterstock.

  • Visit on submit.shutterstock.com
  • Create your account just by clicking on the “Get started” button
  • Submit your work (photos) for review
  • Then start earning


Depositphotos is the best stock agency with millions of premium high-quality stock photos, royalty-free images, illustrations, and vector art. Which is situated in New York, United States, and sells photos all over the world through its website.

To become a Depositphotos contributor, you need to sign up and submit images for review. Once approved, immediately you can start upload files on your portfolio.

All of the files you upload will be checked by inspectors, and once they pass inspection, your images will be appear on the website, and from that moment you can start earning.

Adobe Stock

All we know, Adobe is a multinational computer software company. If you didn’t hear then you may have heard about Photoshop, which is one of the most popular photo editing software. Adobe stock is also another product of it.

Adobe stock is another biggest stock photo marketplace, one important thing you must need to know – Now Fotolia and Adobe Stock are the same, I mean Fotolia is acquired by Adobe Stock.

Every time someone buys your content, you get a 33% commission for photos and vector art based on the price of the image. When you will reach at least $25 in royalties, you can request payment via PayPal or Skrill.

I like Adobe Stock because of its royalty share, which is higher than the others. And also, Adobe Stock does not force you to give them exclusive selling rights to your images. So, simultaneously you can sell on Adobe Stock and other platforms.


iStock photo is Getty Images’ microstock branch. If you are new on stock photography industry, It’s a great place to sell your stock photos because it’s a well-known site.

As a contributor you will earn a royalty on sale of each license, which will be some percentage of the price paid by the customer. Earnings can differ, but, the more content you have in your portfolio that customers need, the more opportunities you’ll have to gain earnings.

The royalty payment starts at 15% per download and can increase up to 45% depending on the popularity of your photos. If a customer purchases an image using their membership credit, you only get 15%.

They only accept applications through the “Contributor by Getty Images” app. First, you need to download this app from the App Store or Google Play and then upload 3 to 6 sample images or illustrations and then they’ll review your samples.

Once your application has been accepted through their Contributor app, they’ll send you an invitation to join Getty Images or iStock as a contributor. You must be at least 18 years old to apply.


500px is a global online photo-sharing platform that is a subsidiary of the Visual China Group. It has become one of the most popular photography websites over the last few years.

500px is slightly different than other websites. It is basically an online marketplace that helps you build a portfolio of your images and earn money.

You can earn up to 60% royalty on exclusive pictures and 30% commission on non-exclusive photos. Starting at 500px is very simple. Just set up a free account and upload your images and then, wait and see.

All content submitted to the site is royalty-free, meaning it’s licensed for unlimited, perpetual use, and pricing is based on file size.



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