5 Useful Windows Commands You Must Know

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Today In this Blog, I will tell you about 5 basic most useful windows commands that every user should need to know.

This is really very interesting and helpful for everyone.

If you have any laptop or computer, and you have installed the Windows Operating System.

Then this blog post is exactly written for you.

Do you have a little bit of knowledge of the command prompt?

What is the Command prompt?

How does it work on Your laptop or computer?

If you don’t know about all these things, You can learn from the Internet.

Then read this full blog post.

I assume that you already know about windows command prompt or CMD.

So without any further delay, Let’s get start the topic.


Basically this command line is used to find out your exact IP address.

If you want to know your own real IP address of your laptop or computer system or your friend’s computer IP address then type this command.

But in your laptop or computer system connected to the internet, it is most necessary to find Ip address.


Mkdir command stands for Make directory.


With the help of this command, you can create a new folder by default your name.

Another method most we use by right click and new after selecting a folder.

If you want to create a new folder you can also follow these command-line tricks.


Tasklist command basically shows all tasks that are running into your computer or laptop.

You can easily know which task is in running mode.


This command is basically used to read text document files through the command line.

Most of the computer users don’t know about these tricks.


With the help of this command line, you can change the color in the whole text in different colors in the CMD field.

There are many colors that show you such as Yellow, white, green, etc with its value.

But you should take one color value to suppose the value of red color is 1.


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem.

And I am sure now, you are able to know what is Command prompt & its basic useful command that you should know.

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