8 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 Users

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Table of Contents


Windows is one of the most popular OS (Operating System) in the world. According to data, over 1 billion people are actively using it.

I am using it for the last 2 years, and I am sure you are also a Windows user. I am especially focusing on Windows 10 because it is the latest version of Windows 10.

I also heard in news, No more version will come. That means Windows 10 is the last version, But we don’t know about the future.

Today in this blog post I am going to show you 8 best keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10, which you may don’t know before.

These shortcuts are really mind-blowing and it can increase your productivity. And when you start to use these shortcuts on your works, you will become a pro computer user, I mean it can bring you to the next level.

These are the 8 best keyboard shortcuts, which I am going to talk about in this post.

  1. Win + Shift + S
  2. Win + < >
  3. Win + Ctrl + D
  4. Win + G
  5. Win + L
  6. Win + D
  7. Alt + Tab
  8. Alt + F4

Now you know about all the keyboard shortcuts, but you don’t know about its uses and you don’t know how to use them. So below I am going to talk about it one by one.

If you learn to use it at its optimum level, then you will become a pro computer user. Otherwise, I can say, you are a duplicate man or a lazy man.

Win + Shift + S

When we are using a PC, sometimes we need to capture a snippet of the screen. I saw most of the people take a capture by using various software.

But you know we can take our Laptop or PC’s screen snippets by this keyboard shortcut, Without download or using any external software.

I think its a really really useful keyboard shortcut, and it can also save you a lot of time. Wait wait wait, it’s practice time.

Use this keyboard shortcut to capture a snippet of this paragraph. If you successfully took, then continue your reading. Otherwise, try again until you succeed.

Win + < >

I love multitasking on the PC, and I am sure you also like it. All we know, we need to snap windows to do multitasking.

When I am learning by watching videos on YouTube, at that time I snap my YouTube tab on the left side and Google Docs tab on the right side to take note.

Snapping two tabs on a 50/50 ratio takes a little bit longer time. Recently, I knew about this keyboard shortcut, which helps me a lot and it saves my a lot of time.

Now I can easily snap windows on the 50/50 ratio, Win + left arrow to snap windows on the left side and Win + right arrow to snap windows on the right side.

It’s practice time, You can try it now, if you successfully snapped your windows, then continue your reading, otherwise try again until you succeed.

Win + Ctrl + D

This keyboard shortcut helps you to create a new fresh and clean window without closing active programs from current windows.

You can think of these windows as like slides on PowerPoint presentations. You can change windows by using Win + Ctrl + left or right arrow keys.


If you want to see how many windows you have created, then you need to press Win + Tab on the keyboard. There you will see Desktop 1, Desktop 2, and blah blah blah.

And if you think this desktop will no longer be needed, then you can delete it easily. Just by pressing Win + Ctrl + F4.

It’s practice time, now you create a new desktop and shift between those desktops and at last delete all other desktops only by using this keyboard shortcut.

Win + G

Are you a Gamer? comment below Yes/No. If yes, then this shortcut is especially for you. Now you may want to ask, what it does this keyboard shortcut?

When you press Win + G, then immediately the Game bar will open. It basically helps you to record your game in the background.

That means you can record your game and take a screenshot without downloading any extra software on your PC. It’s a built-in feature on Windows 10.

Again it’s practice time, Open Game bar by using this shortcut, and then record your game. If you successfully did then continue your reading.

Win + L

If I say you to lock your laptop or computer, how you will do it. Obviously, many of you will do this by pressing on the windows icon of the left bottom corner side.

If I say you now to do this just by using keyboard, then how you will do it? I know now many people have question marks on the head.

Well, you know you can do this just by pressing Win + L keyboard shortcut. It’s practice time, lock your device screen by using this keyboard shortcut, then continue your reading.

Win + D

Suppose, you are doing some of your secret and important work on your laptop by living in the room.

And suddenly, your mom comes into your room, what you will do? I am sure most of you will try to minimize every program one by one as fast as possible.

But in this situation, this is a little bit a lengthy process. You know, you can minimize all the programs once a time, Just by using this Win + D keyboard shortcut. You can try it now.

Alt + F4

This is last but not least keyboard shortcut. You can use this keyboard shortcut for two propose, which is according to the situation.

First, we can use this shortcut to close the active program. Right now, one browser is active on your laptop or PC, so when you press this keyboard shortcut, your browser will be closed immediately.

Mostly, we close programs by clicking on the red X button on the top right corner. But you can also do this just by pressing this keyboard shortcut.

And second use of this keyboard shortcut is to shutdown a PC or laptop. When you are active in some program, at that time it closes those programs.

But when you are on PC’s home screen, at that time it will pop-up a box with shutting down, restart, and sleep options.



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