Create Facebook Page: The Beginner’s Guide

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In this 21st century, most people spend a lot of time on social media.

For businesses, it’s a green signal of growth.

You don’t find customers on the physical market, but you can easily find customers on social media.

Not only that, before buying anything, everyone searches about it on social media and then makes sure to buy it.

So, you also need to establish your business on social media, there you will find your right customers.

“Facebook” you already know about this. It has an almost 2.6 billion active user.

And so many businesses are already using it to acquire customers.

At the end of this blog, you will easily create your Facebook page for your business.

If you don’t want to read this long blog you can watch the above video.

Before we begin our journey, first you need to know why you need a Facebook page for your business.


  1. You have the potential to reach more customers
  2. You can decrease your marketing expenses
  3. You can gather more leads
  4. You can reach the target audience
  5. You can build your brand loyalty
  6. You can increase your website traffic
  7. You can leave your competitors behind

I think you got a compelling reason to create a Facebook page for your business.

You must have a Facebook account to create a Facebook page.

I am assuming that you have already.

And your personal details will not visible on the public.

Because profile and page is a separate entity.

Whatever details you have entered on your profile is only shown on the profile, And whatever details you will fill on the page will only be shown on your page.

Now, let’s begin to create a Facebook page step by step.

Click on Create

Open on the browser of your pc.

In the top right side of your screen, you can see the “Create” button, click on that.

When you have clicked, there you can see 4 options to choose from.

Now, we are going to create a Facebook page, so click on the first “Page” option.

Click on Get Started

Just after completion of the first step, here you can see two options with two Get Started buttons.

The first is for business and brand, which we are going to create.

And second is just for other than first.

Now, we are going to create for business purpose.

So click on the Get Started button of business and brand box.

Enter Business Name & Category

Enter your business name in the first input box, if you want you can change it in the future.

But you will not be able to enter a completely different name.


You can change some words from the name and also need to match some words with a previous name.

That’s a thing you need to remember when you are going to create a Facebook page.

And in the second input box, you need to choose your business categories.

When you enter some keywords related to your business and industry.

There you will see many options to choose from.

You need to choose only those options, which are most relevant to your business.

Now, you need to upload your business logo.

The logo means your business symbol or identity.

For example, what comes in your mind when I said Facebook.

Obviously, the Facebook logo.

Make your logo and use this on your Facebook page, which helps your customers to identify your business.

Upload Cover Photo

After the logo, your page banner is also played the biggest role in your business.

If you make your page banner beautiful, it helps to grab your customer’s attention.

So that, make an amazing page banner and upload it here.


Congratulations, You have completed your basic page setup in just 5 steps.

Yet, some important things you need to do.

Go on about section of your page and fill all the details of your business.

Then create a username for your business, which needs to be related to your business name and easy to memories for humans.

Add call to action button by clicking on the “Add button”, Which helps your visitor to take action.

Still, you don’t know how to do all of this.

Then you can watch it in the above video.

Now, you need to create first posts and videos about your business and share it on your page.

Engage with your audience and grow your business.

Showcase your products and services on your Facebook page.

Update your Facebook page regularly, which makes fresh feel to your visitors.

I hope you are really happy because you have established your business also on Facebook.

If you really like this blog post please share with your friend on social media, which may help them to make Facebook page for their business also.



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