Find Stolen Mobile using Google Account

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In Our Previous Blog, We learned how to create google accounts step by step, Am I right?

Nowadays most of the users have One Personal Smartphone or android mobile in their hand.

The main purpose of smartphones is to communicate with people from One Place to another place either family, relatives, or your friends, Classmates, as well as another purpose of Smartphone, is taking a photo, playing videos, Surfing internet and Playing Video Games Extra.

We already know that “What is a Gmail account?”

How can we create one Gmail account?

In the previous blog, we have learned, So no need to tell more information about Gmail accounts.

Do you have a Gmail account?

Still, you don’t have a Gmail account? then please sign up or create a Gmail account for your personal use.

There are many advantages to making a Gmail account.

If you have a Gmail account you can easily access Google all products such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, etc. among all of this also you can find your lost/stolen device through your Google accounts.

Today in this blog we will discuss how to trace lost or stolen mobile?

If we try each and everything is possible as well as trying is the best key to success.

And Is it possible to find our lost mobile through the help of Google Accounts?

Exactly yes, if your Gmail account is connected to your Mobile or another device it can be possible to find your lost/stolen mobile so that the Gmail account is most necessary.

There are many tricks and ways to find lost/stolen mobile among the two ways is by Your mobile IMEI Number.if you don’t know IMEI Number of your mobile check it goes in dial menu (*#06#) & another way with your Google(Gmail) account.

Most people lose or misplace their mobile while traveling.

Sometimes you may put your mobile somewhere and Suddenly You forget or sometimes your mobile gets stolen by somebody you are worried about as am I Right?


In this case, you can use this method.

No need to go to the Police station for an FIR.

You can handle your problem because today’s smartphone works smartly.

Have you ever lost your phone?

Is your phone stolen?

Do you know where you have put your phone?

Or Do you want to track your Phone?

Have you ever tried to find your phone with a computer or any device or smartphone such as Mi, Realme, Samsung J7, J7 Prime, and others?

If your answer is Yes, then you are in the right place, because I am going to teach you how to find your lost mobile/ smartphone using your Gmail account.

Before Start, Must Have:

  1. Be Switch “ON”
  2. Be signed in to Google(Gmail) account
  3. Have Turn “ON” Location Service
  4. Be connected in cellular/mobile data or Wifi
  5. Installed Google find my device app

Without any further delay let’s get started step by step:

Go to Phone Settings

  • Turn “ON” Location

Click Google Option

Click Manage your Google Account

Select Security

Click Find a lost device

Select the Lost/Stolen device

Enter signed in account password

Note: If you’re the owner of Mobile and Google wants to know who You? So, Google takes permission to verify it.

Click on Locate

Location Trace in Map

Note: There are many features & options given to secure accounts, to lock devices or erase data as your choice you can manually manage when your mobile is lost or stolen.

If you are Lucky and your Gmail account is attached to your Lost/stolen Mobile.

It is possible to find your mobile but I think there is less chance to get back to your mobile.


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem.

And I am sure now, you are able to know how to find lost or stolen mobile phones using Gmail.

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