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Today’s world is connected to social media.

Facebook is one of the greatest names in the list of social media.

Billions of people are actively using Facebook on a daily basis.

We can make friends, we can chat with each other, we can talk with each other.

But You know making friends is limited – only 5000.

What will happen with those people, who want to make friends more than this?

And somebody doesn’t want to allow to send a friend request by unknown people.

Maybe, you are on the list of those people.

Well, Don’t worry.

Today, In this blog post, you will learn to hide the add friend button on Facebook.

Instead of send friend request by unknown people, they can follow you.

If you see the celebrities and public figure’s profiles there is only a follow button on Facebook.

Which you can make also in your profile after completion of reading this blog post.

Okay, without any further delay let’s do it step by step.

Go on Setting

We are teaching you using a desktop.


If you are a mobile user.

I know you want to ask me this question “How can I do it from mobile?”.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter what device you are using.

Only matter one thing that is steps to follow.

Click on Privacy

Look at the left sidebar of the screen, Privacy Tab with a lock icon – click on it.

Select Friends of friends

Look at the “How People Find and Contact You” section.

And there is a question “Who can send you friend requests?

When you complete all these steps, your Facebook profile looks like this:

There is no friend request button, only exist 2 buttons – Follow and Message.

Note: Your friends and friends of friends can still send you friend requests. If you want nobody should send you a friend request, you need to unfriend all of your existing friends.


I hope now you can easily hide your Facebook Add Friend button.

And if you have any problem, you can simply comment below.

As fast as possible we will try to answer your question.

If you really live this blog post, please share it with your friends and families.



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