How Does The Internet Work?

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Now, the world is completely changed.

In today’s era, people can live without water but not without the internet.

The Internet has become a big part of our lives.

Some decades ago the basic need for human were food, water, and clothes.

But now it also changed.

The Internet also became a human’s basic needs.

But one sad thing.

Many people don’t know yet – how the Internet works?

So many questions and myths are stored on your minds about the Internet.

In this blog post, I will teach how the Internet works? with simple and easy examples.

Without any further delay, let’s begin our journey.

If you don’t know what is the Internet, first please read our previous blog.

Then it will be easier for you to understand how the Internet works.

If I say you in simple words, there are two ways in which the Internet can operate.

  1. Via the satellites
  2. Via the fiber optic cable

You are reading this blog post through the fiber optic cable.

Maybe you have some questions about what is fiber optic cable and what is a satellite.

This is not possible to teach you all about in one blog post but I can try.

A satellite is an object that has been placed 22000 miles far from earth into orbit.

And fiber optic cable is a simple cable looks like your home electricity cable.

See this picture,

Another term which you need to know before you begin – that is “Server”.

The server is a computer.

Which is specially designed to store data.

Data means videos, photos, text and many other things.

The server is like your computer and laptop.

Anything that is accessible from the Internet, all the data are stored on the server.

Your reading blog post is also stored on the server.

If you haven’t a clear idea of how it looks, see this picture.

How Does the Internet Work via the Satellite?

I have already said to you where the satellite is placed.


This is a time to know about how the Internet works through the satellite.

When you request to access any website on your pc, this request goes to the satellite and then the satellite request to the server and brings the response.

I know it is hard to understand in words, so let’s understand in the picture.

By the way, this technology does not use nowadays.

Because it is too far from the earth and does late to deliver the information from the server.

This process is used yet for any other purpose, not for the Internet.

Nowadays, we use a fiber optic cable to access the Internet.

Now, let’s understand

How Does the Internet Work via the Fiber Optic Cable?

Maybe the word “Fiber Optic Cable” is new for you.

Fiber Optic Cable is a simple cable, which is connected to your wifi router.

The Internet is a network, which is made by connecting these fiber optic cables.

See this map of fiber optic cable.

One end of the fiber cable is connected to your WiFi router and the other end is connected to the server.

You want to ask me, how does it work in the mobile network?

Great question.

Your mobile is wirelessly connected to the near mobile tower.

The mobile tower is also connected with a fiber optic cable network.

For example,

You are using wifi to access the Internet.

You want to open in your pc.

I already said to you all the file of the website is stored in the server, which is always connected into the Internet.

When you enter into your browser search, Immediately this request goes to the server via the fiber optic cable.

And then the server responds to us the website files, which appear on your PC.

Basically, the same process is used in mobile networks.


As far as I think you have understood how the Internet works on your mobile or PC.

If you have any questions and technical topics that you would like to know about, please share it with us.

If you really benefited from this blog then please share with your friends and families, which may help them to grow in their life.

Happy learning journey!🎓



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