How to Add, Use, and Delete Signature in Gmail

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Table of Contents


Every day you need to use your signature in many places, Your signature plays the role of your identification while authorizing.

I don’t know how many times you use your signature on daily basis. But I am sure you have signed on lots of documents, papers and many other places.

I think that I don’t need to say where and how you use your signature, Because it’s varies according to person’s job, age, profession and many other factor.

All we know, today’s world is constantly changing, it’s becoming digital. Many people do many works through the Internet, and many legal things are also done via the Internet.

Gmail, which is email service provided by Google, which is used by almost 90% of Internet users. Different people’s used Gmail for different purpose.

But still many people don’t know we can use signature on Gmail, So today I am going to teach you how you can use your signature on Gmail, As well as I will answer some other general questions.

Note: Signature doesn’t mean only your hand-written sign, It means anything (Like name, phone, address, company, and so on so on) which helps to identify your authorization.

Step 1: Open Gmail

This tutorial blog is mainly focused on PC users, So first you need to open any browser on your pc and then search “Gmail” or you can directly open Gmail by entering “” on the browser address bar.

Step 2: Go on Settings

First, click on the Gear icon and then click on the See all settings button.

Step 3: Find the Signature Section

When you clicked on the General tab, you need to scroll down until you have found the Signature section.

Step 4: Click on Create new button

You will see the “+ Create new” button on the signature section – you need to click on this and a new pop-up box will be opened, you just need to enter your signature name (which will help to differentiate multiple signatures).

And then click on the “Create” button, your signature is successfully created, and again to close this pop-up box you need to click on the “Cancel” button.


Step 5: Design Your Signature

It’s a time to design your signature, Enter anything like name, photo, contact details. There is not a fixed format, if you want to use your hand-written signature, you can use it in form of an image.

Draw your signature on a white paper then capture a photo and then upload this photo here on the Gmail signature design section, that’s it.

Step 6: Click on Save Changes

Your signature is ready, but if you forget to save this everything will be gone. So scroll down and click on the Save Changes button.

If you did this, now your signature is saved and ready to use on the new email.

But if you don’t know,

How to use a signature on Gmail?

You don’t need to worry, it’s really simple and easy. Compose a new email on Gmail and fill in all the details (like destination address, Subject, and main content).

Your email is ready to send but still, 1 thing is left, that is your signature, which you had recently created. It’s time to use your signature.

Click on the Pen icon and select your signature, you can identify your signature by its name.

Now you know how you can use your signature on Gmail, now you can start to use your signature on other new emails in the same way.

If you want to do any changes to the signature, you can do this easily – just by going on the settings. And if you want you can delete your signature also in the same way.

Now you are a rational man, who knows how to add signature on Gmail and knows how to use those signatures and also knows how to delete them.

Still, if you have any questions in your mind, please comment below and if you like this post please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and others social platforms.



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