How to Create a Facebook Group on a Business Page

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In the above video, you learned to create a Facebook Group, which is associated with your business page. But as well as you need to know some other things.

You can create 2 types of Facebook group, first – linked with your Facebook profile and another – linked with your business page or any type Facebook page.

This blog post is specially focused on creating a Facebook Group by using your business page. I used the “Meroservice” page to create a “Meroservice Community” Facebook group.

Now let’s briefly recap the steps, which you need to follow to create a Facebook group by using your business page.

  • Open Facebook and Select your page
  • Click on “Edit tabs” and enable the “Groups” tab
  • Click on the “Groups” tab
  • Click on the “Link Group” button to link the existing group
  • Click on “Create Linked Group” to create a new group which will be associated with this page (Admin will be your page, not your profile)

Creating a Facebook group is not hard, but as well as you need to know some extra things about the group, So now I am going to give some general questions answer.

What is a Facebook group?

First of all I want to ask you, “What is Group”? Answer is really easy, a number of people or things that are located, gathered, or classed together, Right?

Facebook group is a place where similar interests people can communicate with each other and share their thoughts. There is no limitation of its uses because different people use it for different purposes.

Facebook group is just a tool, you can use this tool for your own purpose, someone create community through this and someone do business through this. You can create a group for anything.

What is a Facebook Group Moderator?

On Facebook group, moderator is someone who have a some authority to do some task on group. They can help admins to manage group efficiently and effectively.

They can manage membership (add or remove members) and they can review posts, which is posted by other normal members.

They have almost all administrator privileges except to change group settings and delete / block another admin or moderator.

If your Facebook group is constantly growing and if you feel that you can’t handle it alone, you can make your friends or an existing member a moderator whom you trust.


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