How to Create a Group in Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is the second most popular mobile messenger app, 1300 million people are actively using it to chat with friends and family.

I don’t know why you use messenger, because it varies from person to person and profession to profession, But I am sure you have at least 1 Facebook account and have a Messenger app on mobile.

Every day we talk with lots of people and we do lots of works via messenger, But sometimes we need to create a group of some people on messenger.

Like a family group or some community group or any project group, where every member can talk with each other. It’s same to same as a real-world group.

There are lots of benefits to the Messenger group, It can save a lot of time and it can help you to build a transparent group because every member can see what is happening in the group.

If you are also one of them who use messenger every day for personal and professional purpose and who want to create a group on messenger then that means this blog post is exactly written for you.

Before start creating a group, you must need to have a clearly defined purpose, which will help you to decide the name of the group and the members of the group.

Step 1: Click on New Message Button

Just like every day, open messenger on your pc and then click on this first arrow pointed button, which is a new message button.

And immediately, the Messenger screen will change. In the header of the screen, you can see the “To” box, where you need to enter all the members’ names.

You are creating this group, which means you are an admin of this group and you have full control over this group.

You can add or remove members, and you can change settings, and you can change themes and you can do everything with this group.

As well as in the future, if you want to assign an admin role to any other member then you can do this easily from the “People” section.

Step 2: Type Message and Confirm Group

In the previous step, you had selected members for the group and if you reload the page without typing any message on chat, everything will be gone.

So to confirm the group you need to type any message on the chat box, anything like “Hello”, “Hi”, or welcome message to all the members.

Alright, you have successfully created your Facebook messenger group. But still, it is not looking professional, Its logo and name are really bad and anonymous.

Step 3: Change Name and Logo

Your group’s default name should be all the member’s names separated by a comma, and the Logo should be some 1-2-3 members images combined.

To set your custom name and logo on the group, you need to click on its name and logo. Its name is editable, so you can easily change by entering a new name.

And logo also works in the same way, when you hover on the group’s default logo there you will see the edit button, click on this button and upload a new logo.

I am sure now your group is really professional and easily identifiable. If you want to do any changes to group settings, you can this from the right sidebar.


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