How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

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Table of Contents

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

What is Facebook?

Generally, We know that Facebook is a social networking site.

We can share any thoughts or views Like as photos, file documents etc.

It was launched by Mark Zugerberg in 2004 AD.

Similarly, sometimes there are many problems that occur to users while they are using Facebook.

In that case they want to deactivate or Delete his/her Facebook account.

But somehow people don’t know how to delete Facebook accounts permanently as well as temporarily.

Even most of them People are requesting another person to delete their Facebook account.

Because they don’t know How to delete.

Am I right?

You know, Today I am going to teach you How to delete your Facebook account step by step.

Do you really wish to Delete your facebook account?


Yes or No?

If you are sure to delete your Facebook account, Ok.

Some additional notice for you to know before deleting your account.

  1. You won’t be accessed again if permanently deleted.
  2. You won’t reactivate or recover after 30 days.
  3. Your all information like photos, videos, messages, files etc. will be erased.

You can delete your account permanently or temporarily step wise as below.

Open a Facebook or Facebook Lite app in your Device.

Click on Menu

Click on Setting Option

Click on Account Ownership and Control

Click on Deactivation and Deletion

Now, there are two options given:

  1. deactivate Account: If you deactivate your account then it will temporarily delete for a certain period of time.but You can use only Messenger if it is connected to your account.
  2. Delete Account: If you permanently delete your account your all data will be erased. But within 30 days you can recover your account.

Let’s choose a permanent delete option and then click the continue button.

Now enter your Facebook password and then click the submit button.

Wow, you have successfully deleted your Facebook account.


I hope that this Post was Helpful for you,I think you have gained Knowledge from this post a better and easier way to delete facebook accounts in your Android mobile.

Ok thank you for visiting us & keep supporting us.



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