How To Delete Gmail Account [Tutorial]

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Hi guys, I am Khagendra from

Today in this blog post I am going to teach you “How to Delete Gmail/Google Account”.

We already taught how to create a Google Account, if you don’t know you can read this blog.

There are so many reasons to delete Google account.

Maybe you had created multiple Gmail accounts in the past.

And some of them you don’t want to use further.

So you want to delete them now.

And maybe you have some other reason.

It doesn’t matter, why you want to delete your Google account.


Only one thing is important that you want to delete your Google or Gmail account.

If you love to watch videos then you can learn this by watching the above video.

Otherwise, you can read this blog till the end, To learn to delete your Google/Gmail account.

Note: You are going to delete the Google account permanently, So you can’t undo the data of your Google account after you have deleted it.

  1. Open Google on Browser
  2. Click on “Account”
  3. Click on “Data & personalisation”
  4. Click on “Delete a service or your account”
  5. Click on “Delete your account”
  6. Enter Account Password
  7. Download All Data [If you want]
  8. Tick All Checkbox
  9. Click on Delete Account


In this short blog, you have learned to delete Google/Gmail account.

If you faced any type of problem during this process, you can comment below.

We will give the solution to you as fast as possible.

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It motivates us and helps us to deliver more valuable and useful content.



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