How to Enable Developer Options in Android

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Mobile phones were invented as early as in the 1940s while engineers working at AT&T developed cells.

The product handset launched by the first Motorola company on 3rd April 1973s.

In the previous day, very first mobile phones were not used by users at all.

Nowadays Me, You & We all people are using handsets or Android mobile am I right?

In this 21 century generation, it has changed with new technology.

Every people have android mobile in their hand to hand.

It is not possible to say People are not using simple handset mobile or android mobile although they are old age or small kids.

In their hands, they have personal mobile either the small handset or android mobile.

Especially mobile phones are used to communicate with each other, one either with family, relatives or friends from one place to another through Network.

We know that Time is changing with new technology so new products of technology are manufactured in the company day by day.

So, There are many varieties of mobile launched per year but our topic is related to android mobile.

Few examples of android mobile phones are Samsung J1, J2, J7, Oppo, Vivo, Itel A44 pro, Realme, Redmi extra which were highly demanded products in the market last year.

Due to cheap cost & new feature & it’s quality, it is reputed everywhere most of the users highly demanded this above android mobile.this basic information you already know that.

If you are an android mobile user I think you have to know about Developer options?

What are Developer Options?

Basically, what is the use of Developer options?

If you don’t know Ok Today in this Topic I will tell & clarify all the queries and doubts?

What is the use of Developer options?

How to activate/enable Developer options in your Android Mobile.

This blog is specially made for Android mobile users.


So don’t Skip this blog.

Most people don’t know about this hidden feature until we activate this option because it is hidden in every android mobile.

Actually, Developer options are advanced or hidden features of android mobile which are made for developers.

Who is a developer?

The developer is an IT Post engineer who develops Apps and many software.

Basically, developer options help to:

  • Increase gaming performance
  • Know more RAM consumed apps
  • Upgrade your android version from customs Home extra

Along with this if you want to connect your android mobile with a Laptop or computer, in this case, you have to need Developer options mode ON, and then only you will detect with your device.

For example, when you want to root your android mobile through Laptop or computer you have to enable developer options then USB debugging Mode ON after that only your laptop or PC will identify your device.

Or any software which is installed into your pc when you want to root your android mobile in this case software detects your android mobile and allows access with the help of developer options.

Note: Maybe my Practical will be a little bit different from your Android mobile due to the latest versions.

Yet, now I’m going to demonstrate in the Model Number(LS-5014) & Build number(LYF_LS-5014_01_17) to Activate/Enable Developer options.

Another device such as any model Mi, Realme, Redmi Direct Go About Phone & Tap each option 7 times.

So, without Being delayed we have to start now. “How to enable/activate developer options in our android mobile?” in Step by step:

Go on Phone Settings

Select About Phone

Phone Status/Softwares Info

  • 7 times Tap On Build Number/version

Developer Options Activate

Now, Developer options were Activate.

Finally, you will be able to access developer options in your android mobile.there are many features if you want to access first of all you should turn ON mode.


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem.

And I am sure now, you are able to enable developer options in Your android mobile.

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