How To Find WiFi Password Using CMD

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In this generation, Technology is most important likewise the internet is also very important & essential for every human being.

Once upon a time, there was no proper Internet facility.

Nowadays all we are using an android phone or you may call a smartphone and have good availability of internet connection in our smartphone whenever We want to use it by our own choice.

Nowadays we are using fewer internet data (MB) because it is so expensive than Wifi.

In place of the Internet data package, we all are using wifi Network at our home.

I hope your home also has a personal Wifi connection.

Well, Some we people are using another wifi network and somehow we people still using Own Internet data, Am I Right friend?

If you have personal wifi then you have been faced with such types of problems.

May you have tried to secure your wifi Network by different Passwords.

It may be a weak password or strong password that depends upon you what type of password is to be set.

I suggest to you if you are going to change or set a new password, create a strong password because hackers can easily access your unauthorized wifi password.

In simple words called hacking.

So, You should Create a strong 8 character passwords including Uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and Numeric value, etc.

Which you can remember for a long time in daily life.

Examples of Strong passwords are @as3e5!2, [email protected]#, etc should be set rather than only you can challenge hackers.

Sometimes, we Try to know another Password or suddenly we forget our own connected Wifi password.

At that time we worry and think about how to find a forgotten wifi password.


What is the WLAN Profile?

If you don’t know, Let’s see.

Generally, when we connect any wifi network in our device Such as Mobile Laptop, Computer, etc actually it stored and save in the form of WLAN Profile.

The full forms of WLAN are Wireless Local Area Network.

It means any wireless computer networks that link two or more devices using wireless communications to form Other local networks within a specific area such as school, computer Lab, Home, Collage, Office, etc places.

Today’s most wifi is IEEE 802.11brand & it comes under the wifi brand name.

So, this general information to you.

This blog I think is getting longer without any further delay, Let’s get started.

It is very easy & simple to find wifi password in any windows using Command.

Basically, Command works when you are Offline or connected to your Wifi Networks.

There are two Methods to see Wifi Passwords on Windows:

  1. Control Panel
  2. Command Prompt(CMD)

Here, Our topic is How to find wifi password in any windows OS by Command prompt(CMD) Method.

If you don’t know and want to learn, read this blog till the end.

Today in this blog I am going to teach about how to Find Out lost or Forgotten wifi password using Command prompt(CMD) in an easy step by step:

Open Command Prompt

  1. Press “Window + R
  2. Type “cmd
  3. Press “Ok

Type First Command

Find Your Wi-Fi SSID

Type Second Command

Password is Here


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem.

And I am sure now you can find your lost/forgotten Wifi Password in any Windows laptop and Computer.

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