How to Insert Page Number in Word

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Nowadays People are using different new technologies which they feel more comfortable in their daily life.

At this present time, there are major 3 operating systems available in the market, or on many websites where we can find Our choice operating system.

Websites provide you many operating systems and are Crop free versions.

It means you don’t need to pay any cost.

Among three Operating systems, Windows Os is mostly used and we can see installed in everyone’s laptop or computer because it is friendly to use by any Peoples.

If you installed the Linux Operating system in your laptop or computer system you need skill and good knowledge of Basic commands and Codings.

Do you know which Operating system is the most Secure?

Exactly If you compare with Kali Linux is a more secure operating system than another operating system.

But in the Windows operating system, there are more features and Tools as compared with the kali Linux operating system that’s the reason many people like to use this operating system.

Some of the Features and tools or internal installed Programme Launched by Microsoft windows Company are Like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, etc.

This Programme is specially made for Business Proposes.

Available in all windows Os Platform like IA 32 bit, x64, and ARM architecture.

If we talk a little bit more about Microsoft Word Programme.

Do you know What is Microsoft Word or MS Word?? Have you ever used it??

Yes, friend Microsoft Word or MS Word are the same Synonyms.

MS Word Is an abbreviation of Microsoft word. It means a short form of Microsoft word.

In simple Word, Microsoft Word means Word where you can write your text documents or any tasks through the document Text & saving it.

Similarly, MS Word or Microsoft word (often called Word) is a mostly world-wide used popular word-processing program on the market which is used for creating home documents, School documents, Office documents, Bank documents such as invitation cards, Letters, Application letters, Bank letters, learning activities, and other assignments.

There are many simple and very useful features available in Microsoft Word which makes our daily life easier for home works, school/college works, and Office works extra.

It is a multi-tools word processor developed by Microsoft Company and licensed by Trialware.


It was first released on October 25, 1983, under the name of Multiusing-tools for Xenix SystemS.

Its name was soon simplified to Microsoft Word. Often people are known as MS word or Word.

Microsoft can support all operating systems with its different extension example Windows, Mac as well as in your android mobile also.

Among its more all features, Word includes a built-in spell and grammar checker, a dictionary, and utilities for manipulating and editing text.

The following are some aspects of its features: Templates, Image formats, Bullets, and page numbering have been added in ms word.

If you want to learn more about the history of Microsoft Word in all versions you can directly go to Wikipedia.

Today In this Blog, we will discuss how to insert page numbers in MS Word.

Microsoft Word automatically starts page numbers on the pages of your document text.

Typically, page numbers are printed either in the header or footer.

But you have the option that can display the page number on the left or right side of the margin at the top or the bottom of a page.

Similarly, now, I will teach you how to Insert Page Number in Ms word?

If you have known all those things although you should learn for more detailed knowledge ok.

Without taking to much time Let see in the step by step “To insert Page Number in MS word in a simple way”.

Open Microsoft Word

Click on the ‘Insert’ tab

Tap on ‘Page Number’

Select either “Top of Page or Bottom of Page”

Note: In page numbers, there are many options. If you select the top of page option you can manually paging your document top ahead, top right side, top center. If you select the Bottom of page option you can manually page your document Bottom ahead, Bottom right side, Bottom center.

If you want to number, start from 1,2,3 resp

Select “Format page Number” and than “OK”.

That’s all, Now you should have two sections with different numbers and formats.


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem if you have any feedback you can comment below.

And I am sure now, you are able to insert Page number in your document in serial wise & hurry! up try it.

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