How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows 10

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Most People don’t know how to create Hard disk Partitions even if they are Computer students or Simple home users.

When we buy a new Laptop or Computer from the electronic shop.

There we find Two parts of Drive are Default C drive and DVD/CD(D) raw drive.

Interesting fact for You why there is a hard drive is not start from First Capital Alphabet letter A, B why not serial wise like A, B, C?

Behind the reason is In windows operating system A & B were reserved for floppy disk it means in Previous days no special memory was made for the Computer system.

So external Memory is necessary for Computer systems to store the data/file or to install the ISO file.

In those days computer system, external disks have to connect by User while running the system device that is called Floppy disk.

The First floppy disk given name by A Drives and Next 2 Floppy disk given a name by B Drives.

These 2 floppy disks are first used in computers to make it easier to perform tasks like copy a file from one drive to another drive.

Hence, the floppy disks were reserved A & B Drives.

Similarly, Next one Drive came after the Reserved floppy disk is Replaced & Hard Disk Drive has given by default name C drive.

Let us know the basic information about Hard drives?

Have you heard of Hard Drive or Hard drive disk?

How does it work?

Generally, There are two types of hard drives that are classified for your laptop/Computer.

One is HDD (Hard Disk Drive) another one is SSD(Solid State Drive).

But in Newly laptop/computer easily available of HDD because it is cheaper than SSD.

In the market, both are easily available but the cost of SSD is Expensive as compared with HDD.

A hard disk is an Important Part of the computer; it is a non-volatile storage device (Memory) containing magnetic disk shape or platters rotating at high speeds.

It is a secondary storage device used to store Millions of data/files Permanently until deleting the saved Data file on disk.

A hard disk drive also called a hard drive.


As well as SSD is Solid State Drive is also an important part of a computer.

It is also a non-volatile storage device(memory) which stores the limited necessary data file.

It is a rectangle chip shape which is lighter than HDD.

When we compare both drives the HDD consumes lots of power, reading speed is slow, produces sound and it is heavier so it’s cost is less in the market.

But most of the users use HDD in their device due to chip cost but HDD than SSD is more secure and sustainable.

SSD is faster than HDD & it uses IC(Integrated Circuit) to read/write data.

So it is more expensive in the market.

Hard drives perform the task to store data.

It is like a shiny circular Plate containing Magnetic materials called a platter.

Which rotates at high speeds for reading/writing data & Data is stored on a hard drive in binary form using 0s and 1s values.

So now we go on our topic have you ever partition your hard drive?

Yes or No.

If “No” Okay fine.

In simple meaning, Partition means Splitting or dividing one physical hard drive or SSD into several different logical drives or volumes in your operating system.

Benefits of Hard Drive Partition

  1. Easy to manage all files
  2. Install a multi-operating system
  3. Easy to find your file
  4. Protect data from corruption

So Today in this blog I’m going to Partition Hard Disk Drive or Hard drive Step by step.

Select My Computer

  • Right Click
  • Select Manage

Click on Disk Management

Select any Drive you want to partition

  • Right Click
  • Select shrink volume

Enter the amount of space you want to partition

  • 1024 MB = 1GB
  • Click on shrink

Right Click on Unallocated

  • Select New Simple Volumes

Click Next, Next, Next

  • If you want to add name [volume level]
  • Click Finished

Finally, In this way, you can partition your Physical hard drive or SSD of your computer in an easy and simple way.

If you have any problem drop your comment in the comment box.


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem.

And I am sure you are able to create a hard drive partition in Windows laptop and Computer.

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