How to Recover Facebook Password

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Photo Credit: stockcatalog via Wunderstock (license)

Nowadays, who doesn’t use Facebook?

Nobody says I don’t use Facebook, Am I right?

Yes, Everyone uses Facebook and they make their own personal Facebook account for their personal use.

There are many purposes of using Facebook Either for Chatting or sharing photos, videos, news on Facebook Pages or Groups.

Do you know what Facebook is?

This question’s answer everybody knows.

If you don’t know this is a very simple answer.

Generally, We know that Facebook is a social networking site.

Where We can share any thoughts, views through the chatting as well as upload/download photos, videos, file documents extra.

It is a very reputed entertaining site and is used by many people in the world.

It was Launched by Mark Zugerberg in 2004 AD.

It is a very user-friendly site that can be used by many people by creating new accounts.

You know friend this app is easily available in the Play store in various versions, you can install it in your android mobile as you want.

Similarly, in many cases, you have forgotten Facebook password?

Some times may you create a strong password after a few days you may suddenly forget.

And some people also forget their password very soon.

They aren’t able to open Facebook because Facebook needs a password while login in even if they try to know the forgotten password more and more time.


Am I the right friend?

Have you ever forgotten your Facebook account password?

Have you tried to find your forgotten password?

If you don’t know This blog is special for you.

Don’t be worried.

You can easily get your forgotten password via phone number if your SIM is active.

Basically, there are many ways and tricks to recover your Facebook password without any problem.

Today in this blog our topic is “HOW TO RECOVER FACEBOOK FORGOTTEN PASSWORD”.

I will say One tip among them that you can easily recover your Facebook password during a case of forgot Via Confirmation code.

Note: If you have been using your phone number while creating a new Facebook account. now Here that number is to be used and one more thing that phone SIM number should ON/ACTIVATE.

Without taking more time to let us you add your Facebook Password to the new way Just Follow My Steps;

Open Facebook App

Select Find your Account

Enter Your Phone number

  • Click on Search

Select Your Profile Account

Tap Get a code instead


Note: Facebook will send a 6-digit code in your phone number, check the message then a 6-digit code will appear.

Enter Facebook Code

Enter the new password

  • Click change password

Note: In this last step I have used that 6 digit code as New password. So If you want to create a new password you can enter another strong password with a combination of Letters and Numbers at least 6 characters.


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem.

And I am sure now, you are able to find your lost Forgotten Facebook password via code & hurry! up try it.

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Thank you guys for giving your valuable time to us and keep joining and supporting us.



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