How to Save Battery in Android Phone

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In this modern technology-based era, everybody uses a mobile phone from a child to an old man.

There is their own need and intention to use the phone. e.g. to watch the movie, to play the game, and so on so on…

You know there maximum people faced one common problem, that is “battery is finished so quickly”.

I thought I need to give the solution of this problem to my dear friends.

I started to research on various media and on various websites.

And then I started to experiment on mobile by doing many settings “on/off”.

Yes, I saw some setting plays an important role in saving mobile battery.

Which is I am going to share with you in this blog post.

If you apply these tips on your phone, I am sure your mobile will run for a longer time than before.

Ok friends, without any further delay let’s get started.

Turn on Battery Saver

When you turn on “power-saving mode”/”power saver”, it can save your mobile battery.

Let’s see how it works,

When your mobile charge reaches a certain percentage, it will block some of the non-important features of your phone.

And it always tries to save your mobile battery.

I know, when you are focusing on your work, you do not put your eyes on the battery status.

Because of this, it’s handy to have the Power Saving Mode auto-initiate these changes to help save you from losing your work.

Switch to the Dark Mode

There are so many benefits of the dark mode.

When you switch your mobile theme into the dark mode, it can save your mobile battery.

Technically, this will turn off the screen’s RGB lights if there is an OLED display used.

It’s common sense when light off means battery isn’t consuming.

So that use a dark theme on your mobile phone.

And also it can protect your eyes from harm of direct mobile light.

Turn off Wi-Fi & Data

I know – you use WiFi to do many things in your daily life.

As I saw, most people forget to turn off the Wi-Fi when they are not using it.

Then it can consume your mobile battery continuously in the background.

So that if you want to increase your battery life, please turn off Wifi on mobile after finished the work.

If the auto-off Wifi setting is available on your phone, use it.

Otherwise, every time you need to do this task manually.

Turn off Location

And Google Search always uses your location to provide the best and most relevant result to you.

Not only Google, as well as plenty of other applications uses location service for various other purposes.

And sometimes we manually open GPS to complete some most important tasks.

Yes, all we need to use location service in this modern life.

But if you want to save your mobile battery, please turn it off when you are not using it.

If you do it, you can save so much battery.

Turn off Auto-Brightness

There are so many benefits of Auto-Brightness.

It can automatically adjust mobile brightness according to the near light condition.

It is a really helpful and useful feature of a smartphone.

But when you want to save your mobile battery for a longer time, at this time auto-brightness is really bad to use.

So, I recommend you turn it off, to save your mobile battery for a longer time in the emergency time.

And manually control the brightness as you need it.


Try to make brightness as low as possible.

Don’t Use Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper is really beautiful when you use it on your mobile phone screen.

It can give the next level of beauty on mobile.

I know somebody loves it and someone hates it.

But now I want to suggest those people who love the “Live wallpaper” – stop using it.

If you want to save your mobile battery follow my suggestion.

Instead of using this heavy “live wallpaper”, use simple and dark wallpaper (if possible).

If you do it? it can save so much battery.

Turn off Keyboard & Vibration Sound

Many sounds are available on your mobile phone.

Touch sound, Dial sound, Lock sound, and many others…

In reality, these sounds are not important, but somebody likes it.

Because it can give you the feel of touch on the mobile screen.

But if you want to save your mobile battery for a longer time, you need to close all these additional sounds.

To do this go on setting and search “sound” and then close all.

Now, your mobile battery life is increased by 2%.

Close All Recent Apps

Multi-Tasking is one of the greatest features of a mobile phone.

It helps us to save a lot of time.

As far as I think you all use this feature many times in your daily life.

It helps us to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without destroying one another application’s data.

But one mistake most of the peoples do, that is — they forget to close all recent apps.

This is not a problem of all, but this is a problem of those — who want to save a mobile battery for a longer time.

If you want to save your mobile battery, you need to close all “Recent apps” after use.

Otherwise, some of the applications are continuously consumed a mobile battery in the background.

Disable Google Assistant

Google Assistant is your personal assistant in this modern era.

It helps you to perform many tasks on your phone without touch.

If you are alone at home, it is your friend.

I love Google Assistant.

It is our future.

It has thousands of benefits.

As well as some disadvantages.

If you are a battery saver mobile user, don’t use Google Assistant.

Because it consumes so much battery than other applications.

Disable it right now from Google setting and use your mobile for a longer time than other days.

Use Original Charger

Charger plays a very important role in electronic devices.

And also on the mobile phone.

When you use the original charger on your phone, it charges your phone as fast as quickly.

And it doesn’t harm your mobile battery.

But if you use a duplicate charger, it is really dangerous.

And these types of chargers directly harm the battery.

So, always use the original charger to save your mobile battery for a longer time.



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