How to Set Image on USB Pendrive

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In this 21 century, the world is going to be developed by new, latest technologies.

There are many technologies that are launched day by day.

So nowadays, People are using different technologies for their own benefits.

They are gaining knowledge from millions of websites, blogs, articles, tutorials, YouTube, etc.

Some People are using it for entertainment purposes and some people are using it for their knowledge purpose.

Nowadays Pendrives or Flash drives come in various shapes and sizes, some of the rectangular shapes, some of the Chip shape, and some of the key shapes.

Pendrive can be removable, rewritable, and much smaller in shape & size than an optical disc.

Basically, the use of Pendrive is to store the quality data, information, file, documents, etc.

The main purpose of Pendrive is to transfer any data from one computer to another computer.

You can share any file including images, audios & videos, etc.

These are the major use of Pendrives in some points:

  1. Personal data transport
  2. Booting for operating systems
  3. Backup file
  4. Media Storage

So I hope you have got some detailed information about Pendrive.

If you have a Personal Pendrive you can see when you insert Pendrive in Port of your systems you can get the same drive Icon similar to System drives Icon even you partition hard drives.

When you insert Pendrive in port you face drive Icon similar to the hard drive to in that case you feel bored am I right?

Is it possible to remove that icon instead you can set your choice image/photo as a Drive Icon??

I think You are eager yes it is possible without any doubt You can Change or remove the drive icon and set your choice Photo as a drive Icon.

Today in this blog I will say this trick with the help of this trick You can sure change your drive icon of Pendrive.

Without taking to much time let’s get started in step by step:-

Select Photo and Edit

  • Select an Image as Icon
  • Right-click
  • Select Edit

Edit photo in MS Paint

  • Crop Image
  • Save As
  • Choose a BMP Picture
  • Enter File Name (e.g. Askokc.bmp)
  • Click to Save

Open Notepad & write 2 line code

  • Save the file with this name – autorun.inf
  • Choose to Option All File

Copy Both files in Pendrive

  • Copy both files
  • Paste in the external folder at the root directory


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem if you have any feedback you can comment below.

And I am sure now, you are able to set your photo on USB Pendrives as an icon of your choices & hurry! up try it.

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Thank you guys for giving your valuable time to us and keep joining and supporting us.



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