How to Solve Mobile Hanging Problem

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Table of Contents

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

If we look at the past, people of that time used simple mobile phones.

There were no smartphones available.

But nowadays everyone has a smartphone in hand.

Am I right?

I’m sure, you use a smartphone at your home, colleges, public places or anywhere else according to your needs and grid.

If you are using a Smartphone or Smartphone also you may call Handset Mobile.

Generally most of the people known as Mobile but it is also called smartphones.

Because It works all the tasks are simple and make our work easy as a Smart way where many components are used in handset mobile so Our phones work like a Smartly.

Similarly, I know that sometimes you are getting faced with a Hangs problem in your smartphone.

Am I right?

If yes please comment below which I know your problems are similar in this post.

Yes, sometimes your android mobile becomes hang or Your mobile becomes slow while you are using your mobile.

It is a critical situation in which you don’t want to have a problem with your android mobile isn’t it?

As well as I think You don’t know what is the reason for getting Hanging problems and How it can be solved that hanging problem in your device.

Although there are many reasons in your android mobile which of some cause are also.

  1. RAM in your device (Less than 2GB)
  2. Internal Storage (Less than 4GB)
  3. Installed High Graphics Game (like PUBG, FREE FIRE, etc.)
  4. Installed High storage Application (TikTok, Likee, Photo Editor, etc.)
  5. Unknown viruses entering

This above reason is the main cause behind hanging problems in your mobile and slowing down the processing unit of your mobile.

Along with this, this given reason is not only enough for that so let’s see in this Blog you’re all problem can be solved I will tell you Some simple Tips and tricks which you have to follow Step by Step.

Please don’t skip the blog page, Ok.

This blog is made special for you which still you don’t know How to get free from the Mobile hang problem.

So, Don’t be sad.

Today in This Blog I will share my knowledge which I have been trying in my Android Phones Just You have to Follow this Step Ok.

Delete Unnecessary Files

When You are using your android mobile and If you have an internet connection then you have visited many more websites or open web Applications.


In this case, you don’t know when cache files and Cookies are automatically created in your device.

Main Settings>>Storage settings>>Cached data

Force Stop/Disable Unwanted Apps

After we buy new smartphones there are many mobile applications already installed by the company.

In these cases, you have to force stop or disable unwanted Apps due to which it slows down your system.

Main Setting>>Applications>>FORCE STOP

Install All Apps in Memory (SD Card)

As we need for our smartphones we have to install external applications that are easily available in Google play store hence, before installing those apps we manage our storage disk into SD Card.

Main Settings>>Storage Default write disk>>SD card

UnInstall Heavy Applications

Yes, I already said to you Heavy high Graphics Apps/Games Like TikTok, Likee, Vimate, PUBG, and Free Fire respectively.

These apps take more storage in your system due to which your device may have a chance to be a hang problem.

Main Setting>>Application>>Uninstall

Turn Off the Location

When You Turn On your GPS Location or location tracker.

It starts to trace via wifi, cellular Networks, GPS.

It is not So necessary that sometimes your mobile can lose or be stolen or when you lose an unknown place it may use but it should be turned OFF when it is not used because the satellites are tracing your mobile when turned ON.

Main settings>>Location>>ON/OFF

Don’t Operate Multitasking

If you have less RAM and low internal storage below than 2GB and 8GB.

I do not recommend you multitasking, but you should use multitasking depending on your smartphone capabilities.

Note: After following these above steps you should Refresh your mobile by switching off then Switch on Your Smartphone phone.


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem.

And I am sure now you are able to know the reasoning and solving problems step by step.

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Thank you guys for giving your valuable time to us and Keep joining and supporting us.



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