How to use Google Authenticator

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Table of Contents


What is google authenticator?

Hello everyone, In this 21st century – people are becoming more and more conscious about privacy and security.

Still, many brothers and sisters don’t know – how to secure online accounts, and they don’t know exactly what to do and how to do it?

You are reading this blog post, which means you are interested to learn all about this. First of all, you need to understand – what is Google Authenticator, right?

If I say you in simple terms, it’s a software-based authenticator, but many people don’t know what is the meaning of authenticator.

Let’s see what google say, when I searched “authenticator meaning”,

Authenticator meaning

It’s a simple security system to verify that you are the owner of this account. And Google Authenticator is a two-step verification service, which is developed by Google. It’s a time-based One-time password algorithm.

How to setup Google Authenticator?

I hope now you know all about what is Google Authenticator and how it works? Now it’s time to implement that knowledge by setting up Google authenticator on your google account.

I hope you have also successfully installed a Google Authenticator on your mobile phone. Now it’s time to set up it on your account, I am going to set it up on my google account.

In the same way, you can set it up on other accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and so on so on. You just need to follow these steps, One thing that you need to understand – it is a security system, always search on the security section of the account.

If you followed all the instructions as I said, I am sure you have successfully set up a Google Authenticator on your account. Still, if there arose any type of issues, you can simply comment below, I will reply to you ASAP.

Is it safe to use Google Authenticator?

My straight-forward answer is YES, Okay now let me explain to you why?


There are a lot of reasons, first of all – it is Google’s product. You might already know Google is how powerful in terms of security, Right.

We are already using Google’s products, we can’t go far from Google. We are already surrounded by Google on the Internet.

So I think it’s not worthwhile to think about security while using Google’s products, tell me in the comment “what do you think?”.

My short and simple answer is YES, Google Authenticator is fully secured and you don’t need to worry about security while using it.

How to transfer Google Authenticator to a new phone?

Nowadays people change mobile phones like body clothes, so it is also essential to know that how to transfer Google Authenticator.

Because it is only saved on a mobile phone when you uninstall the app from mobile all the data also deleted immediately with the app.

This is what happens when you uninstalled the app, but there are thousands of reasons to transfer Google Authenticator. It doesn’t matter why you want to transfer, But you just want to learn – how to transfer. Okay, now let’s get started.


  • Open Google Authenticator
  • Click on three-dot (At right top)
  • Click on the transfer accounts button
  • Click on the Export button


  • Follow the same steps as on the old phone
  • Click on the Import button (Instead of export)
  • And then scan QR code

Alright, now everything is done, I hope now you have a clear idea about Google Authenticator, And now I am sure you know what is Google Authenticator and How to set up it and how it transfers from an old phone to a new phone.



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