How to Use YouTube’s Queue Feature

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What is YouTube?

This is a very simple question for you right?

If we go to a little bit discussing YouTube, nothing to say more because you already know that more about YouTube Site.

Basically in simple words If I say and The answer youtube is a Website where is free video-sharing on the internet.

It is an American online video-sharing platform established on 14th February 2005 AD by 3 Gentalmens Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed respectively at California, America.

After establishing a YouTube site in November 2006 Google Company bought this site for the US $1.6 billion.

In the present day google operates a Youtube as One subsidiary.

Do you know? Broadcast yourself is the best slogan to glorify the name on YouTube.

If your content is good every person likes and they want to watch the content that depends upon you which type of content you have.

If you’re a good YouTuber/YouTube creator or YouTube user you know how to use youtube.

It is a very simple task to use YouTube.

Everybody can use YouTube whenever you want to watch a movie or video. you have to go search bar of YouTube and search what name of movie/video song you need instantly YouTube provides the result for you.

In YouTube many videos, audios are regularly updated from time to time, On YouTube you can find millions of videos/audio such as funny videos, educational videos, commercial videos, advertisement videos, tutorial videos extra.

Many YouTube creators, News media, and Top celebrities broadcast their performance throughout YouTube and they earn money.

Similarly we all are using YouTube either on laptop/Pc or any android mobile as well as any systems.

The YouTube update and add new features that still you don’t know?

Recently Youtube site updated and added a new feature i.e Queue on the first home page of your desktop system.

What is Add to Queue on YouTube?

According to the Data structure, A Queue is a linear Data Structure in which insertion operation is performed at one end called Rear and deletion operation is performed at another end called a front.

It is especially based on FIFO( First-In-First-Out) order.


Suppose for example you Queue of Students at Fee Counter waiting to pay a fee.

The students pay fees in the same order as they are standing in the queue.

The students who stand first in the Queue pay the fees first and come out from the queue.

Likewise, the YouTube site also follows this Rule i.e first in first in Out(FIFO).

It means any data or videos on YouTube that come after the first one finished.

This is the best example.

While we open a desktop system, Add to Queue is available on the home page, the search page, and in the recommendations menu.

So no matter where you are, you can start a Queue.

You can do this while watching a video, or before starting one. This is the rule of the queue on YouTube.

Today in this blog we will learn “ how to Use or Add Queue new feature in YouTube” this is a new cool trick that is available on YouTube.

Maybe you don’t know or maybe you face on youtube but I think often you don’t use this feature so don’t skip this blog.

So without delaying let get start step by step:

Note: In this demonstration I have used 3 videos to add to the can add more videos and it can be displayed in the Mini player of your desktop as well as the Mini player can be expanded in full screen.

Open YouTube from any browser

YouTube Home Page

Choose Video & Add To Queue right corner

  1. Click to add to Queue
  2. Add Initial 1 first queue

Choose any video

  1. Tap 2nd add to Queue button

Choose Next one video

  1. Click to add to queue
  2. 3 video in Queue list respectively

Note: This the simple way adding queue in videos.when you close the playlist Queue will be cleared.


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem if you have any feedback you can comment below.

And I am sure now, you are able to use or add Queue features on YouTube & hurry! up try it.

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Thank you guys for giving your valuable time to us and keep joining and supporting us.



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