Setup Dynamic Lock on Windows 10

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Wow! This hidden feature is so wonderful and Unique in our windows-10 Operating system. Recently I used this feature.

This feature is very useful and effective.

Do you know about Dynamic Lock settings in windows-10 Os?

I think you don’t know about dynamic lock because this is just Hidden new feature which was added in Windows 10 nearly a year ago.

Everybody knows that about the Windows Operating system, am I right?

Basically, Windows 10 is an operating system developed by Microsoft Company which was initially introduced on November 20, 1985 AD.

Microsoft described Windows -10 as a graphical operating system for MS-DOS that would receive ongoing updates to its features and functionality.

Microsoft Windows developed by Microsoft corporation along with available in 138 languages of the world.

What opinion about Microsoft windows? which programming language has been used to develop MS windows?

Ok if you don’t know I will tell you this fact which still you have to know. don’t skip this blog until the end.

In our computer sector, Importortant and the Most knowing thing is a Programming language.

There are many top Programming languages available in Courses such as C Programming, C++ programming, Python programming, C sharp(C#), Php programming, Javascript, etc.

Similarly among the above programming languages the Microsoft windows written in a combination with C++, C sharp(C#), Javascript, and Visual Basic programming languages.

Well, this is the short basic information of the Windows -10 Operating system.

What is the dynamic lock feature? How does it work in our Laptop & computer system?

Basically, Dynamic Lock is a new feature in Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) version. Which automatically locks your PC.

If you are away from the device. It works by utilizing a Bluetooth connection to your mobile, smartphone.

It detects your smartphone through the Bluetooth signal connection after that you have walked out of range by default it will lock it automatically.

In this blog, I will tell you how to easily use Dynamic Lock to Automatically Lock Your Windows-10 Computer or Laptop.


Microsoft windows -10 Updated and adds Dynamic Lock feature in Windows, which tries to automatically lock your PC when you go away.

Dynamic Lock uses Bluetooth to detect the signal strength of your smartphone mobile.

If the signal drops to a certain level, Windows assumes you’ve walked away with your smartphone/mobile out of range signal and it will automatically lock about a minute after you go out of range from your Computer and Laptop system.

As well as When you come back near your computer or Laptop system, you’ll have to sign-in to your PC manually by entering a password. It works like smartly.

Today in this blog I am going to teach How to activate or use the Hidden Dynamic lock feature but first, you have to Pair windows-10 Pc and Smartphone Using Bluetooth signal.

So without delaying let get started.

Note: That Dynamic Lock doesn’t automatically unlock your system when the Bluetooth device comes back within range.

Prerequisites of Dynamic Lock:

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your Mobile
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your Laptop/Computer
  3. Pair the Mobile with your System via Bluetooth

Enable Bluetooth in the mobile device

  • Go to Bluetooth settings
  • Tap ‘ON’

Note: There are many ways & methods to open Windows Settings you can find settings in the start menu as well as you can find also in the Control panel alternatively. But here I have used Some windows shortcut keys which you are able to understand in a better way.

Enable Bluetooth in your PC

  • Window key + A
  • Tap to ‘ON’

Now, this time we have to connect mobile with PC Via Bluetooth signal let get started.

  • Open windows settings(window key + I)
  • Click on Device option
  • Left corner side ‘Bluetooth & other devices’
  • Click Bluetooth ‘On’

Select ‘‘+ Add Bluetooth & Other devices’’

Choose Bluetooth

At last, you should Pair the mobile with your laptop/computer through Bluetooth after that all is fixed.

You are able to set all the necessary steps and remaining is Activating the Dynamic Lock in windows-10 Operating System.

Finally, Enable Dynamic Lock in windows-10 Os

  • Open windows settings(window key + I)
  • Select Accounts

Left Corner side Click sign-in Options

Just scroll down and Yes

Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you are away.

Manually Pair your device “Bluetooth & other devices”

Wow! Great that’s all. We have done all Set up and Succeeded to enable Dynamic Lock in windows-10.

This will work when you go far out of range of your pc it will lock automatically after a few minutes.


I hope this post can help you to solve your problem if you have any feedback you can comment below.

And I am sure now, you are successful to enable the dynamic lock feature in your windows-10 Laptop/Computer & hurry! up try it.

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