Top 15 Free Video Conferencing Software

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We all like to gather in one place and talk to each other.

And sometimes we need to conference to discuss a particular topic.

But in some cases, we can not able to attend a meeting, events, or any type of conference.

Maybe that due to lack of time, or you may be so far from the meeting location.

There are thousands of reasons, which I don’t want to remind you.

Instead I can give you solutions.

It’s not a big issue for big corporates, and to rich people.

Because they can easily purchase software by spending a little bit amount of money.

But in the case of an individual or small startup company, It’s obviously a big issue.

Because they don’t have a lot of money to buy software, or maybe any other reasons.

So that today in this blog post, I am going to show you the top 15 free video conferencing software.

If you are planning to host meetings, events, webinars, or any other type of online video conference.

I strongly recommend you to read this blog post until the end.

Okay, Without any further delay – Let’s get started.

Google Meet

Prior to COVID-19, Google Meet was a paid software, but now it is completely free.


You can easily host a new meeting and join a meeting from a website and also from a mobile app.

If you are thinking about security Don’t worry, because it is owned by Google.


  1. It is Completely Free
  2. Unlimited Number of Meetings
  3. Live Caption During Meeting
  4. Screen Sharing with Participants
  5. Messaging with Participants


Zoom is one of the largest video conferencing, and Web conferencing software.

It has both a free and paid version So that I included it on the second number.

If anybody wants to purchase video conferencing software, Zoom is in my recommendation.

Because It is industry leader software.

Let’s see the free features of it.


  1. Up To 40 Minutes Group Meetings With 100 Participants
  2. Unlimited 1 to 1 Meeting
  3. Ticket Support
  4. Virtual Background
  5. Calander Integration
  6. Waiting Room
  7. Multi-Share
  8. Personal Meeting Room

Messenger Rooms

I am sure, 90 percent of peoples who are reading this blog post.

They are already using messenger for any purpose.

And you know guys, you can also do video conferencing and meeting on messenger.


  1. It is Completely Free
  2. Up to 50 Participants
  3. Screen Sharing with Participants



  1. Up To 50 Participants
  2. Live Chat
  3. Call Recording
  4. Screen Sharing
  5. Background Blur

Google Hangouts





Cisco Webex


Microsoft Teams

8×8 Video Conferencing




Okay, These are the Top 15 free video conferencing software, Which you can use for your own purpose.

I have listed this software according to its pricing and features.

I hope, you have found a video conferencing software according to your need.

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