What is the Internet?

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Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and so on so on…

When I ask you the question “What is the Internet?”, what comes in your mind.

But do you know what is the Internet in the real world scenario?

Can you give me some examples of the Internet?

How your Wifi router gives access to the Internet?

All the questions will be hidden after reading this blog post.

Your mind will be empty to fill other questions.

I am here to teach you “what is the Internet” and give you some real-world examples, which help you to understand easily.

Are you ready to raise your knowledge level?

Without any further delay, let’s begin.

First, we need to understand the definition of the Internet.

“A global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.”

I know this definition is really hard to understand.

Ok, no problem, I will teach you by a simple example.

The above A, B, C, D, E, and F are houses to my example village.

The line shows the connection between houses.

It’s like wire to transfer electricity between houses.

The process of making a connection between houses through the wires is called a network.

This is the example of electricity but do you know the same process applied on the Internet.

Wait wait… The example has not finished yet, there is another house that is out of the network, what is this means.

It means simply a house without electricity. If he needs electricity, he needs to make a connection to the electricity network.

I know you have some confusion and doubts.

Read more I will run antivirus to clean all your confusion and doubts.

Suppose, ‘F’ is your house.

What you need to do to bring electricity to your house.


Obviously, you need to make a connection from another house or from a direct transmitter.

If this is an Internet network, what you need to do to bring the internet to your home.

Obviously, you need a wifi connection otherwise you need to purchase a mobile data pack.


Absolutely, yes.

But actually, we don’t know what is the Internet?

Suppose, ‘E’ is your house, where wifi is connected.

You need to understand it you are connected in the network of the Internet.

If you can talk with your friend in the US from Nepal both of you are in the network of the Internet.

If you are not in the network, you can’t talk and message.

Sometimes people think ‘MB’, ‘GB’ and ‘KB’ are the Internet.

But actually all it is the units to measure the Internet.

Just like the amp, Volt, and Watt to measure electricity.

ISPs invest million dollars to make a network then charge from you according to your usage.

The wifi and mobile network tower are the doors to enter into the world of the Internet.

The Internet means the network which is made by private companies or government.

Do you know you can also make your own Internet?

But it is an advanced topic.


I hope you have a clear idea about the Internet.

You can also teach your friends the wifi router is not the Internet, it is the door to enter into the network.

If you have any questions or confusion please share with us.

Our main mission is to teach you the basic knowledge of technology in easy examples.

If you really like this blog post please share with your friends and family, which may help himself to grow in their life.

Happy learning journey!🎓



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